Hamilton County Humane Society - Turned away from cat adoption


Read 2 articles in the paper stating the humane society was overcapacity and going to euthanize animals.Go to adopt 2 cats, brother and sister.

After an hour of waiting, we were told NO we could not adopt because our very expensive Persian cat has not yet been neutered (still thinking about allowing him to be a breeding cat). Instead of considering a loving home for 2 cats that could now possibly be euthanized, they decided to be the "rules police" and turn us away. Heartbreaking experience. Left in tears and now looking for free kittens to adopt to prevent anymore animals from being turned over to the humane society.

I suppose this is the only way I will be allowed to assist this terrible situation.

No animal should be denied a home if being euthanized is in their future.That thought sickens me as an animal lover.

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